Solidarity in our culture is a big value. We are always ready to help our family, friends and neighbors. Also, our country is open to new cultures and Brazilians are specialists in welcoming people from all over the world. If you share the feeling of solidarity and want to make the difference, you will feel  at home in Brazil.

As a volunteer you will work for an organization that supports and develops actions to defend citizenship and promote inclusiveness and quality of life of all people.

AFS Brazil offers diferents kind of projects:

  • Assist vulnerable children

  • Work with autistic  children from 3 years old to 13 years old

  • Assist children and youth with mental and physical disabilities

  • Help to support  education, iniciatives and quality of life

  • Teach what you love: languages, musics, arts, sports

  • Engage in Educational and Cultural Development

  • Grow organic vegetables

  • Promote inclusiveness working with people mentally or physically disabled