Have a breathtaking cultural experience in the middle of the Brazilian Amazon forest, while also getting to know better our fauna and flora. This is an innovative program, which aims at providing students with a rich cultural experience in the middle of stunning Brazilian Amazon. In this program, students will have a cultural tour through Manaus (main city of Amazonas state) for sight-seeing and a bus trip through the middle of the Amazon forest highway.

During this expedition, students will have an alligator night spotting, a visit to a casa de farinha (where the whole manioc powder and tapioca production processes take place) and a sportive fishing, including Amazon piranhas. In addition, they will watch the encounter of the waters of these rivers. Moreover, in the last days, students are going to have a fabulous cultural experience! They will visit a community of Caboclos (natives from Amazon), try to make Indian handcrafts from Amazon. But that’s not all, they still will swim with pink dolphins and get to hear about the myths around this mystic animal.