Discover what career you want to pursue, while learning about the diversity whithin Brazilian culture and studying in a Brazilian top-technical high school.

The Trimestral Program is especially designed to those students who wish to have a High School program experience, but cannot stay abroad for longer than four months; or for those who have graduated from High School, but are under 18,5 years-old and want to go on a High School exchange program before getting into university.

The students coming on this program will have the opportunity to be in a school that is both academic and technical where they can enroll in practical courses in areas such as.

Students will be regularly enrolled and must attend classes just as any other student from a School Program.


Federal Institutes and Areas

AFS Brazil offers diverse courses and Federal Institutes all over Brazil. Some of the course areas are:

Watch this video about the Federal Institute of São Paulo and see the great work these institutions have done over the years.