This terrific project gets the local community of a small city engaged to make the conservation of the Atlantic Rainforest more attractive than its destruction. Iracambi aims at preserving and retrieving this fundamental biome for Brazilian biodiversity. They take a great number of activities, from which the international volunteer can choose the one that best fits their personal interests.

The projects are divided into 4 axes:

  • Forest restoration: Reforesting at communities for water problems, plant nursery with native species, promoting solutions for environmental problems.
  • Environmental Education: empowering students to advocate for environmental change, visiting schools to promote the idea of conservation outside of Iracambi.
  • Sustainable Agriculture: Agroforestry as a role model for agriculture in endangered areas, organic vegetable garden, promotion of native, wild eatable plants and native medicinal plants.
  • Research: Understanding the ecosystem Atlantic Rainforest through monitoring and Research.


Activities that the international participant can do during the program:

Harvesting and planting of seedlings within Agroforestry; Medicinal Plants and Reforestation projects; Assistance and support of school visits and pedagogical assistance in education activities; NGO Marketing Support for Taking Pictures, Making Videos and Fundraising; Agricultural visits for the reforestation project and monitoring of its land; Tracks maintenance; Monitoring of projects in general.

Working days per week: 5

Age Range: 18-40

Language at the project: Portuguese / English

Language details: Desirable basic Portuguese Language knowledge

Soft skills and other requirements: The volunteer must be in good physical condition to work in the project because it happens in a big area. Portuguese is the official language in all projects where you have contact with the local population (Education, Visitations, etc). However, in the beginning, the participant can communicate in English.

Housing type: Host Family

Meals included: 3 per day

Housing/meals details: At the project