The Headwaters of the Pantanal project aims to protect the springs and permanent preservation areas (APPs) of the Upper Paraguay Basin Plateau (BAP) region. Their goals are to preserve and conserve the Pantanal and its history by fostering the generation of knowledge for the development and replication of innovative and exemplary environmental technologies. They also provide the volunteers the opportunity of intense exchange of cultures, languages and experiences in the Pantanal preservation region and experience with local livelihoods such as river transportation and fishing. Technical experience with scientific data on regional biodiversity and inn management in terms of routine, tourist control and reception and related attractions.

Founded in 2002, Instituto Homem Pantaneiro (IHP) is a non-profit civil society organization localized at Corumbá city in Mato Grosso do Sul.

The volunteer will perform auxiliary activities in technical and administrative services that IHP performs in its daily routine. Among the technical activities, the volunteer will accompany the environmental monitoring team, both in the field collection and dispatch, as well as in the tabulation and analysis of data.

When in the preservation areas, the volunteer will have the opportunity to accompany and assist the hostel routine, in terms of structure and operation. The inn’s activities include tourist transportation scheduling and logistics, tourist attractions, inn care, food, and all other aspects related to tourism, such as logistical, communication and welfare support.

Working days per week : 5

Age Range : 18-40

Language at project :  Portuguese / English

 Language details: Desirable basic Portuguese Language knowledge

Soft skills and other requirements :   It is highly recommended that the volunteer have 2 pairs of hiking boots, trousers and lightweight long-sleeved hiking shirts, caps and sunglasses. This suit is suitable for long walks, allow perspiration, facilitate drying, and avoid intense sunlight and insect bites. Also advisable is the constant use of repellents, sunscreens and moisturizers. In addition, when in cold weather, it is advisable to wear wind-blocking couples and lycra pants under the main pants, especially when in transit across the river, the main means of transport

Housing type : Host Family

Meals included: 2 per day

Housing / meals details :- Single room; – Breakfast and dinner at hostfamily; – Will be expected to observe the rules of the family;