This project is located in Caicó, a small town in the region of Seridó at Rio Grande do Norte state. The entire region has a very singular expression of the Brazilian culture, and it also has marks from our ancestry. Seridó has an archaeological site with cave paintings. Nowadays the most famous attractions are the religious festivals and carnival.

In your volunteer work, you will plan and offer extracurricular activities in your native language for the school community. The activities can be adjusted after arrival at school according to your abilities. Example:

– Language classes;
– Sports and outdoor activities (volleyball, basketball, soccer, judo, yoga, camp, picnic);
– Art and handicraft (painting, drawing, sculpture, theater, photography, music);
– Environment (gardening, horticulture, recycling, sustainability);

Working days per week: 5

Age Range: 18-40

 Language at the project: Portuguese / English

 Language details: Desirable basic Portuguese Language knowledge

  Soft skills and other requirements:  – Knowledge of their own language; – Ability with the public; – Desirable skills with technologies; – Ability to adapt and socialize;

  Housing type: Host Family

  Meals included: 2 per day

Housing/meals details:- Single room; – Breakfast and dinner at host family; – Will be expected to observe the rules of the family;