About Brazil

Brazil is a continental country, the largest and the most populous country (about 200 million inhabitants) located in South America. Even though it borders on several countries, Brazil is known to be a peaceful country, which holds very good diplomatic relations with its neighbors.

Brazil is a great destination to experience a new culture. We have a mix of races, rhythms, religions, colours, landscapes as rivers, mountains, waterfalls, forests. Brazilians are very welcoming, hospitable and friendly people. They are very likeable, extroverted, easy going and always open to new cultures and person.

Besides the adorable population, the country is well known by soccer, Samba, stunning beaches and the Amazon Forest. Brazil is several countries in one!!

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Facts you need to know:

People generally talk and laugh loudly, expressing themselves physically through touch while talking.

Most Brazilians are used to two large meals: lunch and dinner. Breakfast is quick and light. For Brazilians, eating well means eating a lot!

Brazilians enjoy eating and are also very proud of their food.

Brazil is divided into five geographic regions, of which each one has very distinct characteristics.

The Brazilian population is used to and believes in a great variety of religions.

Brazilians are very expressive, it is very common to kiss (on the cheeks) when meeting or saying good bye.

Are You Safe in Brazil?

Why learn Brazilian Portuguese?

The language is gorgeous  and sounds like music – we have rich music traditions.  Understanding Portuguese is a gateway to other romance languages. If you have knowledge in Portuguese, it is much easier to pick up other  languages like Spanish, Italian, French.

About AFS Brazil

AFS began its history in Brazil in 1956 and since then we have already sent and received about 14,000 exchange students, we have partnered with about 3,000 schools and have become part of the lives of more than 5,000 host families. 

Today, AFS Intercultura Brasil has almost 1,000 volunteers who form a network of action in more than 100 cities in Brazil from north to south where they make possible the realization of our programs and develop activities that support intercultural experiences of all those.

What makes us different?


You will be placed in a community and in a family that want to connect to the world through you. Besides, you can choose to be enrolled at a technical federal institute studying in areas such as: Web Design / Tourism / Chemistry / Building Construction/ Oil and Gas among others.


Our Support Team offers an outstanding service that is considered a model of intercultural learning and development of global competences.


Our Host-families, volunteers and staff are trained on intercultural learning, developing great cultural awareness.


Our students participate of local and regional orientation sessions focusing on intercultural learning 


Participants can engage in community service for 2 weeks in a different Region of Brazil.


They can also  join trips to Amazon Region, Pantanal (wetland), Northeastern Coast and more. 


Intercultural education for everyone!

AFS Brazil is committed to the United Nations Sustentable Development Goals, we want to facilitate the inclusion of people with disabilities in the benefits of international/intercultural education.

We are commited to working to host people with disabilities on our programs. Please consult with us.

If you want to live this experience AFS Brazil is ready to impact your life!

For more informations please contact us.

Go! Go! Go! Discover Brazil!

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